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Philosophy of a method for the territory

This short title certainly highlights the most important aspect of this production process, defines its genesis which is, at the same time, the goal to be achieved.


From the technical point of view "solouva" is a method by which wines are fermented in the bottle without the usual addition of brown sugar to provoke the second fermentation and to dose the wine after disgorgement. Instead of sucrose (cane sugar or beet), the must of the same grapes is used, naturally rich in sugar.

Why using this process can we say that wines are pure expression of the territory in which they are produced?

Certainly not only because nothing extraneous other than grapes has been added to the bottle, in our glass.

Just from the territory it is necessary to start to understand the reason. Keep on...



Our "exogenous sugar-free" production method, which we simply and effectively call "solouva" differs from the traditional classic method essentially in three stages. The first and most important is the time of the harvest. In Franciacorta we are fortunate to enjoy a mild climate that allows our grapes to reach perfect phenological ripeness. In this way, the fruit, besides being rich in sugar, develops the phenolic compounds of the wine, elements that give perfume and consistency.

Only in this phase do the grapes manage to express the characteristics of their variety and above all of their origin. In this way, the peculiarities of those so many different soils that characterize Franciacorta can be traced back to the fruit.


Once the grapes are harvested, the pressing is carried out with a very low yield in the press, well below the limit allowed by the production regulations of the Franciacorta Docg, this to obtain even richer musts. In this phase, we put aside a part of the juice obtained and stop the fermentation with cold. This must will be used instead of brown sugar for the second fermentation, during the draft, i.e. bottling, the phase during which the second typical fermentation of Franciacorta takes place.


After years of waiting (the times are strictly dictated by the Franciacorta Docg production regulations) and from our cellar choices we proceed with disgorgement, the operation that allows you to eliminate the remains of the yeasts that allowed the second fermentation in the bottle, thus making our Franciacorta clear. At this stage, the bottle is refilled and the dosage syrup is added to determine the type of taste of our Franciacorta sparkling wine. Also in this case we absolutely do not use cane sugar but always the monster suitable for Docg from our vineyards.

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